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Fun With Feet Reviews: Why It’s Best to Stay Away

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 09:17 am

So, if you’re looking for strange methods to get money, you’ve probably come across Fun With Feet Reviews.

This interesting company offers a rare way for people to profit from their feet  pics. But a major question remains: can you really profit from such a small market? 

While it has its advantages, Fun With Feet is not a vast platform compared to platforms like FeetFinder, which are rapidly establishing the benchmark in this industry.

FeetFinder’s easy-to-use interface, precise buyer verification protocols, and comprehensive analytics tools make it a popular option among many sellers.

As the digital world expands, it will be interesting to observe how these feet-centric platforms fare. Come with me as I delve further into their possibilities. 

Who is Fun With Feet?

Do you want to discover the secret of “Fun With Feet”? Let’s get started! Get to know Rajdeep Dosanjh, the guy behind the curtain who formed FunwithFeet in 2021. Surprisingly, he’s not an expert on the feet pics industry. In reality, he knew nothing about it before beginning. 

Despite this, his imagination took off, and he quickly gained a huge fan following. But there’s an additional catch: “Fun With Feet” isn’t as helpful as it seems at first sight. Many consumers have been disappointed by the services they paid for. 

Although the company concept is intriguing, it’s much more intriguing to learn about the guy behind it and his history in the industry before implementing it. They attempt to imitate the FeetFinder industry, but they are unsuccessful. Fun With Feet Reviews on Trustpilot illustrate  the whole business growth and future. FeetFinder is a well-known business for purchasing and selling pics of feet. 

How Does ‘Fun With Feet’ Work?


Fun With Feet is a unique website that has established a specific area in the digital industry for foot photo enthusiasts. 

The curiosity regarding this distinct segment’s functioning and potential profitability develops as interest in it grows. 

But how does it work? Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Sign up for the platform here: Begin your Fun With Feet adventure by directing them to their website and helping them through the registration procedure.
  • Set up an account: Set up your profile after you’ve joined the site. This is where prospective purchasers will learn about who you are and what you have to offer.
  • Choose a Subscription: Fun With Feet has many subscription packages. Choose the one that best fits your commitment level and objectives.
  • Publish and Sell: With everything in place, you can now market your foot photos. Upload, set your price, and wait for customers to come knocking.

Fun With Feet Reviews from Seller: Real User’s Experience 

Fun With Feet Reviews as a forum has resulted in varied comments, notably in 2024. 

  • Review by Scott: Signed up, posted first pictures and then could never access the page/website.
    IT’S A SCAM!!!
    I wouldn’t recommend this website or company to anyone.
  • Review by Carol: Con! I joined 14 days ago and quickly became suspicious. I thought it weird I was able to upload photos of feet without fully registering. When I came to uploading my ID photo I wasn’t able to when using a computer or phone and so I was stuck. My subscription money has been taken out and yet they won’t respond to my emails, including the complaints email address. I really don’t know where to go from here, other than cancel my subscription at my end.
  • Review by Lily: The same as other fun with feet reviews, it’s clearly a scam. Paid the subscription fee, for essentially no service. The website is unbelievably slow. I received a ton of messages, but i’m unable to open them. The one’s I did manage to open were from scam buyers anyhow.Please don’t waste your time. I’ve cancelled my subscription and deleted my account within less than 24 hours of opening it due to how awful the site is.
  • Review by Brittney Miller: Everything about this was ridiculous, my order was placed early in the month of September, on the 12th, here we are on 6 October, and my shipment has gotten lost twice since then, every time I call the phone number that the website lists for customer care, the phone call will not even connect and it automatically drops the call, as I understand, being in different time zones could have something to do with that. I made sure to check, and during their business hours every time that I called, nothing would happen, and the call would drop it wouldn’t even connect. I have been chatting back-and-forth with customer care and not only do they not respond in a timely manner WHATSOEVER, they give you the same generic responses saying oh they’ll just resend it out at their cost and please verify your shipping address. You can see that they’re active but they will not respond to your messages. I have plenty of screenshots with timestamps to prove everything that I’m saying. I finally took it upon myself to dispute this transaction with my bank.
  • Review by Lucy: I signed up and paid for the 3 month subscription as a seller, but it’s impossible to access your messages. I have emails stating that people have messaged me but can’t actually get in to read any of them! Very disappointing. I won’t be continuing the subscription as I feel like I’ve been scammed!
  • Review by Rasor: It’s a SCAM! Don’t forget to report it to your bank!I created my profile easily and then started to get messages but I cannot open the inbox from any of my devices. It says: You’re going too fast, try again in 10 sec. When I was able to open a message, the customer was trying to contact me through other platforms (telegram, WA). No one buys your actual collections.I believe they make money out of the subscriptions from sellers and steal your info.Don’t fall for it. I did my research too late. Don’t waste your time and money!!

All these Fun With Feet Reviews have been taken from Trustpilot. You can visit the Trustpilot website to see these active Fun With Feet Reviews.

Fun With Feet Sellers Reviews: 

  • Old School Interface: Several vendors complain about the platform’s archaic design, believing it does not match modern standards.
  • Payment Delays: Several Fun With Feet reviews cite the odd delay in getting funds.
  • Subscription Gripes: Many people have been put off by the combination of subscription prices and commission reduction.
  • Performance Issues: Frequent experiences about the platform’s sluggishness, which has a detrimental influence on user experience.

Do Fun With Feet Sellers Make Thousands of Dollars?

Fun With Feet is an intriguing platform that enables vendors to make hundreds of dollars. In reality or Fun With Feet Reviews, however, the outcomes are often dismal. When compared to FeetFinder, Fun With Feet’s flaws become clear. There are fewer purchases, and there are fewer members. As a result, your earning potential is reduced.

FeetFinder is a platform that provides buyers with a more flexible environment. Certain merchants can earn sums in the three figures, if not thousands, by executing foot-related transactions. However, it is well acknowledged that the majority of foot-related transactions do not provide such large revenue returns.

Fun With Feet offers merchants with unique problems, such as a limited customer pool. While some sellers may achieve large gains, the majority may only earn in the low three digits.

As a consequence, since the platform has intrinsic restrictions, the stories of Fun With Feet merchants who earned thousands are eclipsed. The smaller readership, fewer customers, and inability to compete with FeetFinder restrict most vendors’ earning potential. 

If you want to make more money by selling feet pics, you could look for different sites that provide more advantageous financial terms.

What Makes A Good Platform For Selling Feet Pics?

Due to a combination of user-friendly features and security safeguards, several platforms stand out when it comes to selling feet pics. 

Anonymity, strong buyer verification, secure payments, and data security should be top priorities for any platform worth its salt. 

When people talk about this, FeetFinder is one name that comes up a lot. 

How Much Does Fun With Feet Charge Sellers? 

According to several Fun With Feet Reviews, the site started charging monthly and yearly subscriptions in 2024. Their cut of the membership price and each sale also eats into vendors’ bottom lines.

Fun With Feet also gets a cut of every sale, a proportion of the total sum, similar to other online marketplaces. Their strategy is straightforward, but its openness and the value it provides have raised questions.

On the other hand, FeetFinder stands out as a formidable competitor. In addition to being well-known for its safe environment, it offers a user-centric strategy that often benefits the seller’s experience and profits. It is critical to carefully consider the benefits and drawbacks of each platform before making a final decision.

Pros and Cons of Selling Feet Pics on Fun With Feet

Many platforms have evolved to meet the growing demand for feet pics, but they are not all made equal. 

Among them, Fun With Feet has received a lot of attention in Fun With Feet reviews. However, like every platform, it has strengths and disadvantages. To provide a clear picture, consider the following research: 

Pros of Selling Feet Pictures on Fun With Feet

  • User Interface: While simple, the site is quite straightforward to use for newcomers.
  • Payment Integration: Provides numerous payment options for flexibility.

Cons of Selling Feet Pictures on Fun With Feet

  • Dated Design: The aesthetics of the site seem out of date, particularly when compared to rivals.
  • Subscription and Commission Model: Both subscription fees and sales commissions might be difficult for sellers to bear.
  • Limited Buyer Base: Unlike FeetFinder, Fun With Feet does not have as broad a reach.
  • Sluggish Performance: There have been reports of the site being sluggish, which is impacting user experience.
  • Security Worries: Some Fun With Feet reviews have expressed worries concerning data security.
  • No Mobile App: In an era of mobile-first, its absence is a big disadvantage.

As you have read many negative Fun With Feet Reviews above. FeetFinder, on the other hand, has quickly risen through the ranks to become the go-to site for selling feet pics. 

Its contemporary interface, along with top-tier security features, provides a smooth transaction for sellers. 

Unlike other platforms, FeetFinder is frequently praised for its smooth operations, with few complaints from its large user base. 

The platform’s commitment to guaranteeing consumer and seller happiness is evident, making it a standout option in the sector. 

FeetFinder is the gold standard in the world of feet pic sales, thanks to its outstanding track record and user-friendly features.

Don’t Ignore: FunwithFeet’s Problem!

Stay away from “FunWithFeet” if you want to sell pictures of feet online. A lot of models have lost their hard-earned money on this sketchy site. If you have doubts, you can check the Fun With Feet Reviews on Trustpilot. Instead, join FeetFinder, the best platform for foot pictures, where you can get paid what you’re worth in a safe space.

FunWithFeets tries to get new models by saying they will make a lot of money and have a lot of people, but things don’t work out that way. They have ridiculously high “registration fees,” take a huge chunk of your earnings, and rarely pay models. Many users said  in Fun With Feet Reviews that they worked on their pictures and videos for months and never got paid for them.

  • Their ads say they carefully check out customers, but they actually don’t do any screening, which means models could be harassed or abused.
  • The pictures you send might end up on other websites without your permission. There are no rules in place to keep your information or data safe mentioned in Fun With Feet Reviews.
  • Their platform is old, has bugs, and doesn’t work very well. It will take you hours to figure out their messy method.

Everyone has a question that “Is Fun With Feet legit”. The answer is Yes, Fun With Feet is a legit site but it does not make good impressions for user’s. As you have observed  the Fun With Feet reviews above from real users. They actually do not have a wide community for their users.

FunFeet vs FeetFinder – What Make It Difference

That difference is even more clear when you compare Fun With Feet to sites like FeetFinder. In the same year, FeetFinder has been praised for:

  • Modern and Intuitive: FeetFinder’s design has been praised for looking modern and being easy to use.
  • Quick Payments: Sellers like it when buyers pay on time and consistently, without any problems.
  • Security: Its dedication to keeping user data and information safe stands out, and many people have no issues about this.
  • Positive Feedback: The site has regularly gotten good reviews compared to Fun With Feet reviews, which shows that it can be trusted. 

Who Wins: Fun with Feet or FeetFinder?

Picking the right site is very important if you want to sell photos of your feet. There is no doubt that FeetFinder is the better app when looking at this review compared to Fun With Feet Reviews. 

Fun With Feet Reviews often point out old interfaces, websites that load slowly, and payment problems. FeetFinder stands out with its modern look, easy browsing, and quick payment options. 

FeetFinder also provides a greater sense of safety and a large pool of buyers, which makes it easier for sellers to meet with real buyers. 

Fun With Feet, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to prioritize the user experience as much, as shown by the large number of complaints from users. 

FeetFinder not only wins this comparison as the more reliable platform, but it also makes sure that buyers have all the tools they need for a successful event.

Methods for Generating Income on FeetFinder? Look into it!

If you want to make money off of your foot images, you should check out FeetFinder, one of the best sites to sell feet pics and buy feet pics in the market. 

The following is an exhaustive tutorial on how to monetize your FeetFinder account:

    • Sign Up: Get started by signing up for FeetFinder. Ensuring the platform’s safety is a simple procedure that requires minimal facts and verification.
    • Get Your Profile in Order: After signing up, you should make your profile stand out. If you want to create a good impression, use this space to showcase your best photos and write a compelling bio.
    • Post High-Quality Images: Be sure to include images of your foot taken from various angles and in good lighting. A greater price tag will accompany a better quality product.
    • Determine a Fair Price: Look at what other users are asking for similar images on the site and set a fair price for yours. The price is justified by the quality.
    • Engage with Potential Buyers: Maintain consistent communication with followers and possible customers. Respond quickly to inquiries while being professional.
    • Withdraw Earnings: Once you make a sale, the money will be retained in your account. You may withdraw them at any time. For safe withdrawals, make sure you have a reliable payment method arranged.

Last Words for Fun With Feet Reviews

Even though Fun With Feet is a big name in the niche market of offering pictures of feet, it often falls short when compared to other sites in the same field, especially FeetFinder. 

In-depth study Fun With Feet Reviews, it’s clear that users often don’t notice problems like old layouts or security concerns. However, FeetFinder has always been a more dependable, easy-to-use, and safe website. 

FeetFinder has many benefits, such as a modern design, good customer service, and strong security measures that make sure sellers have a smooth experience. Its work with the community and dedication to quality control are also very commendable.

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