How To Sell Feet Pics In Bulgaria

How To Sell Feet Pics In Bulgaria?

Last updated on February 4th, 2024 at 09:24 am

Selling foot pics has turned into a profitable gig for people in Bulgaria seeking some extra earnings. The market for those wanting to purchase these pics in Bulgaria is remarkably substantial. Numerous online platforms and one among them is the FeetFinder which stands tall as a top site for Bulgaria foot pic sellers.

As people search for online money making opportunities and ways to stand out, learning how to profit from foot images could open the door to a thriving market in Bulgaria and you can make money selling pictures of your body.

In the realm of online foot pic sales, there is a secure and a totally legitimate platform FeetFinder designed to connect buyers and sellers in this unique field. You can even also maintain complete anonymity throughout the entire process of selling feet pics, ensuring your safety while raking in the cash.

FeetFinder offers a secure and reliable platform for Bulgarian foot pic sales, featuring a verification process that both buyers and sellers can rely on. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned seller, FeetFinder provides an easy-to-use platform for those keen to sell feet pics in Bulgaria.

Selling foot pics in Bulgaria is an excellent money-making opportunity which is made easy with FeetFinder. FeetFinder is an online platform that permits users to sell feet pics in Bulgaria. With FeetFinder, you can create an account and begin selling feet pics in Bulgaria.

How Much To Charge For Feet Pictures In Bulgaria ?

Selling pictures of feet which is a rising trend in making money, includes the sharing of foot photos with interested buyers to . This business is booming and is evident from the increasing number of websites dedicated to sell feet pics in Bulgaria.

The demand for feet photos keeps growing, and people are willing to pay extra for them. Although there’s no fixed rate, new sellers should begin with a modest $10 per picture. As your clientele expands, you can gradually raise your prices, typically earning between $5 and $500 per pic to sell feet pics in Bulgaria.

To stay competitive, it’s wise to align your rates with those of other foot pic sellers. Striking a balance is crucial and avoid pricing yourself too high or too low, as this could deter some potential buyers when you opt to sell feet pics in Bulgaria.

The cost you charge depends on various factors to sell feet pics in Bulgaria. These include photo quality, the platform used for sales, the buyer’s nature (individual or company), and your experience in this field to sell feet pics in Bulgaria. Furthermore, if customers request customized photos that differ from your posted feet pics, you can charge a premium for making the images to their needs.

Selling pictures of your feet can vary in ease, with some finding it simple and others facing challenges.

At the start, gathering buyers might prove tricky, so effective marketing becomes essential to boost your earnings. Selling foot photos offers a best way to generate extra income passively to get paid for feet pictures.

One remarkable aspect of selling foot images in bulgaria is that you decide the pricing. Most individuals charge anywhere from $5 to well over $100 per foot pic. On average, foot photos tend to go for about $15 to $25 each.

Feel free to use your creativity and set prices based on your effort and imagination. Utilize props such as high heels, food, natural settings, and more to sell feet pics in Bulgaria.Moreover, you can assign varying costs for different angles and demand a premium for top-quality images.

Where To Start Selling Feet Pics In Bulgaria ?

With FeetFinder, you can readily sell your foot pics in Bulgaria and make a good sum. Simply establish an account, upload your foot pics, and get started with the selling.

  • To begin, sign up for Feet Finder where you can sell pictures of your feet.
  • Ensure you follow the rules.
  • Snap well-lit feet photos.
  • Upload them to your profile to start selling them.

Creating an account on FeetFinder is the initial step to sell feet pics in Bulgaria. Registration is simple, designed for user-friendliness. This eases the beginning for you to sell feet pics in Bulgaria.

1. Seller Account Registration: To enjoy full features on FeetFinder, create an account. Browsing is possible without one, but for the site’s complete functionality, provide accurate details during registration. This includes an authentic email, phone number, username, and password to sell feet pics in Bulgaria.

2. Accurate Information: Confirm the genuineness and accuracy of your profile information when creating your FeetFinder account to sell feet pics in Bulgaria.

3. Username and Password: Choose a non-offensive, non-infringing, non-trademark-violating username. The website can delete or request a change if it violates guidelines. Your password should be unique and follow technical requirements.

4. Verification Process: Verification may lead to your content appearing in user-generated content. For this, provide a government-issued ID to verify age and identity.

FeetFinder is the leading platform to sell feet pics in Bulgaria. To succeed in selling foot pics here, follow these key steps:

1. Upload Quality Profile Pics: Start by uploading four high-quality profile pictures showing feet, body, and face. These serve as previews for potential buyers. Most buyers prefer previews before making a purchase as there are huge percentage of people have a foot fetish.

2. Content to Attract Buyers: Next, upload high-quality albums containing up to five pics or videos of fee to sell feet pics in Bulgaria. Free users can upload up to ten albums, and each album can be bought multiple times. For better sales and offers, use accessories like lotion and nail polish in professional photos.

Sellers who include nail polish, high heels, and lotion in their pics tend to be more successful. Offer a mix of photos and videos in your albums to cater to diverse buyer preferences to sell feet pics in Bulgaria.

To Find Success On FeetFinder, You’ve Got To Follow These Feet Finder Tips And Tricks To Sell Feet Pics In Bulgaria:

Choose a Package: Becoming a Premium Seller boosts your chances. Premium Sellers can upload lots of content, start conversations with buyers, and upload bigger albums. More content can mean more eyes on your pics.

Be Quick to Respond: Check your account often and turn on notifications. Buyers might send you messages or offers, and if you’re not around, you could miss out on sales. Notifications keep you in the loop to sell feet pics in Bulgaria.

Pricing Matters: Be smart about your prices. While high prices are tempting, most buyers prefer sellers they know. Offer a few albums at $5 to attract buyers and show off your quality. As more people see your stuff, they might pay more. Don’t start with sky-high prices; save those for top-notch pics.

Create a Descriptive Bio: Use interesting keywords in your bio and album descriptions, like “soles,” “dirty feet pics,” ” trending heels,” and more. This helps buyers find your feet pics easily.

Is selling feet pictures legal? Yes, selling feet pics in bulgaria is one of the easiest ways to make cash as per the FeetFinder reviews which are totally legit and remember, your images must be top-notch. A smartphone works, but investing in a good camera could be smart. Keep your personal boundaries intact too and that will help you make money from your foot pics.

Like any money-making gig, safety matters. Protect your money and your privacy.

We hope these tips help you on FeetFinder. It’s a great place to sell your feet pics.


Selling foot pictures for cash might seem simple, but there’s more to it than just taking photos and putting them up for sale. You have to choose where to sell these pics online, and your preference might lean towards a subscription model or individual purchases. This choice guides you to the right platform which is the feetfinder ranked as the top site to sell feet pics.To ensure success, picking FeetFinder as your go-to platform in Bulgaria is the key.

In the end, selling feet pics in Bulgaria is a flexible part-time online job that can bring in some extra cash. Give it a shot!

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