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10 Websites like FeetFinder to Sell Feet Pics

There is a surprising but profitable niche market for selling feet pictures online, which could be a good fit for photographers looking to make some extra money or for anyone seeking a new hobby. The top websites to sell feet pictures offer a balance between privacy and profit, designed to assist both new and experienced sellers.

FeetFinder has grown famous around the world as a platform for buying and selling foot photos and videos, its recent strange updates have driven some users crazy. If you’re seeking websites like FeetFinder, you’re certainly not alone. In this post, we will discuss several possible substitutes in case you are still confused.

Although FeetFinder is one of the best feet selling websites to sell feet pics online, some users search for websites like FeetFinder because of its high 20% commission fees, the need for sellers to pay for subscription plans, and a strong competition among sellers, which makes it difficult for new users to stand out and make a steady income.

If you are looking for websites like FeetFinder, FunWithFeet is the best place to sell feet pics for cash and start making money online. Let’s take a look at 10 best websites like FeetFinder to sell feet pics:

10 Websites like FeetFinder in 2024 (Recently Updated)

You have a number of excellent choices if you are seeking websites like FeetFinder for the purpose of selling feet pictures and videos. There are a variety of ways to sell foot content on each platform; therefore, you should select the one that is most suitable to your preferences and requirements. Let’s discuss about 10 websites like FeetFinder in below section:

1. FunWithFeet

In a short amount of time, FunWithFeet has become powerful if you are looking for FeetFinder alternatives. With so many options and an easy-to-use interface, it’s no surprise that foot lovers like it so much, even though it’s still pretty new. Among the many sites like FeetFinder, it provides a community for people who enjoy looking at foot photos.

It has some features that are available on FeetFinder, such as a premium subscription or mandatory government ID verification. On FunWithFeet income, sellers are able to keep 100% of their profits, in contrast to FeetFinder, which takes a 20% commission fee on every sale. The seller’s FunWithFeet wallet is the safe place where earnings are kept until they are withdrawn or sent. 

FunWithFeet provides an excellent experience for all users by integrating the latest trends with a solid knowledge of the basic rules. Personal preference is the most important factor to consider when choosing between FunWithFeet vs FeetFinder.

2. Dollar Feet

Dollar Feet is a part of the list of websites like FeetFinder. This is a marketplace where you can buy foot photos and videos together with the rights to use them, and then resell them to people like bloggers, medical experts, marketers, and foot lovers.

If you are a seller, you won’t have to worry about promoting your photographs because this model eliminates that potential concern. One problem for buyers is that they are picky and will only buy high-quality content that meets their high criteria. They also don’t accept content from male models.

To become a member, one must fill out a comprehensive application that requires a great deal of personal information. Dollar Feet provides quick payment of $10 or more per video by PayPal or Paxum, with the option to pay with gift cards, once your feet video is accepted.

3. OnlyFans

OnlyFans is open to content creators from all areas of life and it is the first website to offer subscriptions. Users share a wide variety of content, including artwork, audio clips with ASMR effects, and foot pictures. Posting, charging subscription fees, and collecting tips requires account creation and approval from the website executives.

There are many apps like Feet Finder, OnlyFans is one of them. When you have satisfied consumers and devoted fans, they are more than eager to send you tips as a way of expressing their gratitude and to urge you to continue providing content of a high quality.

You can still earn a decent living selling foot pictures on this popular site, even though OnlyFans takes 20% of your earnings. All you need is a regular posting schedule, some internet promotion, and a dedicated fanbase. 

4. Etsy

Etsy is more than just a marketplace for handcrafted jewellery, textiles, and home decor. This well-known online marketplace can be a profitable place for selling feet pictures as “digital goods” if you know what you’re doing. Registration and admin approval are conditions for using this platform, as they are for the majority of the ones on this list.

After you have completed all of the appropriate papers and processes, you will be able to begin taking pictures, uploading them, and selling them! Almost all of the pictures of feet that can be found on Etsy are simply feet, with no unique qualities. It is a popular market for people who want to sell foot pictures anonymously.

Similar to how other popular platforms like Twitter and Instagram use hashtags, Etsy does the same. To increase your account’s discoverability and relevance, use a plethora of hashtags. You have the option to sort your photos according to specific types and interests. Finding apps like FeetFinder is not difficult, but using these platforms is challenging.

5. Instagram

Instagram is a well known Feet Finder alternatives in the feet industry. Among the many social media sites where foot photos can be bought and sold, Instagram naturally ranks first. When it comes to managing your content and sales, Instagram offers you the most flexibility and control.

Posting beautiful photos and videos of your feet does not require an application, but you must follow their policies and community guidelines. Another option is to create an Instagram account specifically for business purposes. You are also able to use Instagram shopping with this extension.

With the new image tagging feature, you can now easily send your followers to a shopping page where they may complete their purchases. When a follower hits on one of your attractive foot pictures, a tag appears. When they see this tag, they may easily access your personal blog, website, or product page by just clicking on it.

6. Instafeet

OnlyFans is a popular website, and Instafeet is a spin-off of that website. InstaFeet is focused only on information connected to feet. Instafeet is merged into FeetFinder, due to some site issues. But, this is also a part of the lists of websites like FeetFinder. In this platform, users can sign up for an account, post videos and photos of their feet, and choose a price to see their private content.

There is no restriction on the price that you want to establish; nevertheless, if you want to make any money, you need to sell your product in a manner that is affordable. The typical cost of a subscription ranges from $5 to $25. For those who prefer to remain anonymous, this is among sites like Feet Finder. You can show off your beautiful toes, heels, and feet in any way.

7. Foap

When it comes to selling feet pics, Foap is a multipurpose app. You may download it for free and use it on your Android or iOS device. Even though it’s not made specifically for foot photos, many people find that it works well for that purpose. Making an account and beginning to upload images of your feet is all that is required to get started. People will be able to locate and buy your images.

Foap doesn’t charge a fee every month or every year, but they do take 50% of your sales. Among the many platforms available, Foap is an excellent option for individuals who are looking for websites like FeetFinder, particularly because FeetFinder does not have its own smartphone application.

8. Feetify

One of the best websites like FeetFinder in the foot fetish community who accept pictures of your feet is called Feetify. Fewer people are using it now, but it still has some great benefits. Buying and selling feet pictures on Feetify doesn’t require a subscription, which is one of the app’s biggest features.

Many people find this to be a significant advantage. As a foot model, you may earn real prizes every month by simply using Feetify. So, if you’re looking to purchase or sell feet pics, Feetify is still a good option.

9. Wikifeet

The website Wikifeet has changed from a place to rate the feet of famous people to a popular market for people who like foot pictures.  More than 3 million people visit it every month. It’s an excellent platform for monetizing foot pictures if you are looking for websites like FeetFinder.

However, earnings can vary greatly; some people make hundreds of dollars, while others make much less. This is frequently because they are unable to create decent photographs or sell them effectively. Since Wikifeet doesn’t offer secure payment methods like escrow, scams are possible.

10. ManyVids

You may sell feet pics and videos on ManyVids, but the platform really shines when it comes to videos. You have the freedom to create your own online shop, broadcast live, and host exclusive events. You may earn more money from videos than images, and it’s perfect for live interactions like cam sessions, so it is one of the best FeetFinder alternatives.

You can also use the platform to build fanclubs and earn money from users who want access to exclusive material. In general, ManyVids is a great place to sell foot material if you’re into video creation.

Here provided a few FeetFinder alternatives so you can try selling feet pictures there if FeetFinder isn’t enough to satisfy your need to make money online. FunWithFeet is among the strongest FeetFinder alternatives to selling foot pictures online.


Making money online through foot photography is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. If you’re looking for a side hustle or simply want to make some extra money, selling feet pictures online can be surprisingly lucrative. On the other hand, the question arises: are there any best websites like FeetFinder? There are many best websites like FeetFinder to sell feet pics online. According to FunWithFeet reviews, it is a unique, community-focused platform for buying and selling feet pictures. It offers a user-friendly interface where sellers can upload their photos and sell feet pics anonymously.

However, keep in mind that FeetFinder is one of the best sites to sell photographs of feet.  TikTok, on the other hand, is a social media platform that is currently popular and attempting to break into the realm of foot fixation. This indicates that numerous individuals are attempting to sell feet pics on TikTok.

Is it worthwhile to sell feet pics on TikTok, you ask? If we sell feet pics on TikTok, can we make money?  To obtain each of these answers, please continue reading this article. This enables you to determine the optimal marketplace for selling photographs of feet in order to maximize your profits among the two hundred million potential customers.

Why Sell Feet Pics on Social Media?

Selling foot images is becoming a very popular practice among content creators. If you know how to take nice images of your feet and are prepared to share them with the wider world, you can make a good living. There are several ways to start this type of side hustle.

One approach is to use a particular platform, such as  Feet Finder. Another option is to start your own online store on a platform like Shopify or sell things on marketplaces like Etsy. You may even use Patreon to establish your own community or membership site.

Finally, you can sell things using platforms such as Craigslist or Whisper. However, one of the simplest methods to get started is to advertise your products and begin attracting buyers via a social networking site.

Instagram and TikTok are great for attracting the attention of potential clients. Content providers can use foot photos to attract forum users and even take payments using PayPal or Venmo.

While you can possibly sell images of your feet on practically every social media platform, TikTok is gradually becoming one of the greatest alternatives. It is one of the largest social media sites, with over 1 billion monthly active users.

Furthermore, it attracts a diverse range of consumers, so you can find purchasers whether you’re a foot model, influencer, or any other type of content creator.

Benefits of Finding Feet Fans on TikTok

Creators of feet content can sell feet pics on TikTok. Having an enormous following on the platform is effortless and has numerous advantages. A number of which are exclusive to this platform and cannot be located elsewhere.

Four advantages of discovering your followers on TikTok are as follows:

Higher Levels of Brand Recognition

Gaining access to your followers on TikTok enables you to expand brand recognition. Because you will only have followers who are interested in your feet-related content, the influence of your feet ‘photographs will help you to sell feet pics on TikTok.

Increased Website Traffic

When feet fetishists discover your TikTok content, they may strive to learn more about your business. If you include your website in your profile, you will receive more online traffic.

Higher Ranking in Search Results

The TikTok algorithm ranks content with more views. The more followers you have, the better your content will rank. Your foot content will have the chance to reach potential buyers for selling feet pic on TikTok.

Enhanced Customer Participation

Increasing consumer engagement is an additional advantage of locating your followers on TikTok. Feet enthusiasts delight in their feet’s contentment. The appeal of your feet photographs will increase the engagement of your followers with your posts.

Start Selling your Feet Pics on FeetFinder

There are numerous platforms where creators can sell photographs of their feet to individuals with a foot fixation. One of the profitable platforms to begin selling photographs of your feet is FeetFinder.

On these platforms, creators can sell photo albums or use subscription services to generate revenue. Individuals with a foot fetish used to pay a monthly subscription charge to obtain the most recent feet photographs of the creator.

Besides creating albums and uploading Feet photos, you can generate income by acquiring paid subscribers on your FeetFinder page. Additionally, your followers may leave you a tip as a token of appreciation or to inspire you to produce further content.

Why Choose FeetFinder as the Best Platform?

Although selling foot pics on TikTok is a platform that provides a moderate level of security, it is not without its imperfections. FeetFinder, in addition, is the most effective alternative currently available. As foot fetish enthusiasts, we shall peruse the essential attributes of FeetFinder that contribute to its widespread adoration.

  1. The primary rationale is that it is crucial to verify that FeetFinder has received a favorable rating on TrustPilot, as evidenced by the 5,600 reviews posted on the website. At the time of writing, FeetFinder is rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on the website, as indicated by these evaluations.  
  2. FeetFinder is provided at no cost to all purchasers. The Basic Plan requires a minimum subscription of $4.99 per month from merchants, $14.99 per year, or $40 for a lifetime subscription. Additionally, the monthly cost for the premium subscription is $14.99. An annual subscription costs $49.99, while a lifetime subscription costs $80.00. You will obtain new features and an abundance of marketing to attract new customers in exchange for these expenses. 
  3. Performance monitors, a messaging system, and intelligent social media integrations are all features of FeetFinder. Sellers are able to converse with prospective clients, accept or decline custom requests, and sell foot content consistently and anonymously using these functions. Utilizing FeetFinder functions like filters, purchasers rapidly locate foot content they wish to purchase.
  4. FeetFinder includes features including simple automatic photo editing and analytics tools. Sellers can utilize these capabilities to monitor the performance of their foot-picture posts.
  5. FeetFinder provides customer service via email, a contact page, and a comprehensive FAQ section for both vendors and buyers. You may also follow them on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and TikTok.
  6. The FeetFinder website has a site lock. Confirm the security features by clicking the appropriate buttons at the bottom of the page.
  7. One of the other major benefits that has contributed to its success in FeetFinder reviews is that it handles the marketing for you, allowing you to focus solely on taking great photos and engaging with potential buyers.
  8. Last but not least, FeetFinder offers weekly cash giveaways in which it will purchase material from vendors that interact with FeetFinder on social media and are active on the platform. As a result, you’ll have more money in your pocket since FeetFinder is extremely likely to buy from your albums and tip you, making the subscription worthwhile.

FeetFinder vs TikTok: Who Wins? 

Everyone understands that getting money on FeetFinder is preferable to selling feet pics on TikTok. FeetFinder is an established player in this market. And TikTok is fresh to the foot fetish market. There are numerous reasons to support the assertion expressed.

  1. When it comes to foot photos, FeetFinder offers a variety of categories, but on TikTok, foot fetish is still developing, making it challenging to sell feet pics.
  2. You will only encounter foot fetish fanatics on FeetFinder, which means buyers will be solely interested in purchasing foot pictures. Furthermore, it is the best sugar daddy website, whereas TikTok’s audience has a wide range of interests; therefore, attempting to sell feet pictures as a foot model on TikTok would be a waste of time.
  3. FeetFinder safeguards photographs of feet by applying a watermark and blurring the image. That is to say, purchasers will be unable to access your content until they make a payment for the photographs. On the contrary, this does not apply to TikTok; once a video or photo is uploaded publicly, it becomes accessible to all users for viewing, usage, and sharing. 
  4. It takes a long time to get popular on TikTok and amass a certain number of likes and followers in order to sell feet pics on TikTok and make money from them. However, money can be withdrawn from FeetFinder after earning $30.

The aforementioned rationales establish FeetFinder as the unequivocal victor in the contest. At this time, you have chosen to register with FeetFinder. Let us proceed with the step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this.

Final Thoughts

FeetFinder is one of the most straightforward ways to sell foot photos. This is because the website aims to reach a larger number of people and talent. If you generate engaging foot content, you may quickly reach your target audience on FeetFinder. It’s risky and difficult to sell feet pics on TikTok. So, to get the best recommendation, sign up for FeetFinder immediately.

TikTok is one of the most convenient ways to sell Feet photos. This is because the app is intended to reach a larger number of people and talent.

If you generate interesting feet content, you can easily and quickly discover your target audience on TikTok. This will enhance your brand’s visibility and sales.

Knowing how to find your TikTok fans is not easy. Otherwise, everybody would do it. However, we have listed a few recommended strategies for finding your fans on TikTok above.

To sell feet pics on TikTok, follow this  above guide for how to sell feet pics on TikTok.

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